Our Promotions

a. Cabxpress taxis will offer to customers 10% discounts on taxi fares for the following hours between 4.30am to 6.30 am; between 11am to 2pm and between 6.30pm to 10pm on radio bookings.

b. 10% discount vouchers on taxi fares will be given to selected hotels for use on the above hours.

c. a 10% foldable LED light can be mounted on top of taxis. Individual taxi drivers can offer discount on ranks whenever they wish to do so.

d. At any time, radio job customers are allowed to ask if any drivers is willing to accept a 10% discount for jobs over 20 Km. Such job will be distributed with discount alert. If offered, the driver is free to accept it or reject it. Customers will be asked and advised to accept full taxi fare if no driver is taking discounts.